Since 1986, UNO Productions has developed a solid reputation as a producer of live events, television production, as well as a marketing and promotion company for the Hispanic market.

UNO’s incredible track record includes the U.S. Hispanic market and international markets of Latin America, Europe and Asia.Strong music industry relationships along with creative marketing, flawless execution and intimate knowledge of the Hispanic market have put UNO Productions in the forefront in its field.

As a leading authority in the U.S. Hispanic consumer market, UNO Productions covers a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry including major record labels, movie studios, television production companies, corporate clients, artists, and leading industry executives. Corporations come to UNO when they need expert guidance and production for the Hispanic market.

Under Luis Medina’s leadership, UNO Productions has worked with the following clients: Sony, Arista, Universal, Disney, Virgin, Time Warner, Interscope, Fox, Telemundo/NBC, Vons-Safeway, A.F.L.C.I.O., NFL, Major League Soccer, Fox Searchlight, Chevrolet, Pepsico, City of Hope, Image Entertainment, Mervyn’s, Miller Brewing and BMG. Also, UNO has implemented strategic marketing programs for Julio Iglesias, Thalia, Cristina Saralegui, Chayanne, Melissa Etheridge, Paul Simon, Enrique Iglesias, Penelope Cruz, Placido Domingo, Alejandra Guzman and El Tri.

Most recently UNO has produced the historic recording of “La Gota de La Vida” song, with 46 top Latin music stars, for this year’s campaign for the organization ‘Unete con La Gota de La Vida benefiting City of Hope’. Among other live events, UNO has produced the “Bicentennial Parade of Mexico”, “Fiesta Broadway”, “Cinco de Mayo”, “El Grito”, “The Taste of Mexico”, and the “Radioton de La Esperanza” as well as concerts and corporate events.



Luis Medina

Executive Producer, CEO

Luis Medina has almost three decades of entertainment industry experience spanning radio, television, and film. He recognized early the need for marketing and promotional expertise within the U.S. Latin consumer market. Luis combined this market need with special events and multiple production opportunities specifically targeting this emerging new consumer demographic. His confluence of market factors, coupled with his unique insight into the Latin heart and soul, compelled him to form Uno Productions, Inc.

For more than two decades now, UNO Productions, has specialized in taking action on the development of promotion and marketing platforms for the music, movies, radio and television industries. This has allowed UNO Productions to be a well known name within these industries, having worked with companies like Twenty Century Fox, Disney, Columbia Pictures, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner, Emi Music, and more. UNO has produced successful television specials for Telemundo, Almavision, Azteca America and PBS Television with such shows as “El Premio de la Gente,” “Noche de Mariachis” and “Camino a Hollywood,” among several, all under the aegis of UNO owner Luis Medina.


Aleira Thomas

Office Manager, Creative Department

Aleira, got her degree on Computer Science, at the Universidad de Carabobo, in Venezuela in 2001. She started her career in this wide and extended area, focusing mainly in Web Developing and Design. She moved to the USA in 2003, where she started her own web design and graphics company.

Aleira has worked at UNO Productions since 2006, overseeing not only their Creative Department but being involve in the development of all brand campaigns, events, and productions in general. Her formidable blend of interactive vision, design flair, and management skills have been key in the leading of one of the most recognize production companies in the region.

For years this talented creative executive, has been working in a wide arrange of areas, apart from the creative world, including marketing, production and various multimedia campaigns.

Her experience includes development of different creative strategies for clients like “Unete con La Gota de La Vida” benefiting City of Hope, Mario Reyes “The Gipsy Man”, Yesy Milano and most recently Star de Azlan.

Abraham Contreras

Talent Manager

Abraham Contreras found specializes in booking and coordination of ‘live’ concerts and musical festivals in the United States and Mexico.

For years, Abraham coordinates the entertainment for the largest and most successful Cinco de Mayo celebration in America: FIESTA BROADWAY.

This City of Los Angeles sponsored event takes place every year; stretching over a large block section of downtown Los

Angeles on five musical stages, where the biggest names in Latin music perform.

Also, works with different media organizations across the country, producing SOAP OPERA Festivals in San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago.

Also, Abraham Contreras was invited to join the production


The Hispanic Heritage Awards were created in 1987 by the

White House as the vehicle to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, for over 25 years since then, the HHA have grown into the most prestigious Hispanic honor and event in America.