Andrea Bernal


Precise voice, renowned journalistic qualifications, the face of the informative world, she is, ANDREA BERNAL, a beautiful talent born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and now, based in Bogota, Colombia. Every day of the week for the past eight (8) years, she has informed the world from the prestigious Latin American news chain, NTN24. In her show titled, ZOOM DE LA NOTICIA, along with her prime-time evening newscasts on NTN24, she reports on the most current ongoings worldwide. Presidential interviews as well as thorough coverage of the United States and Latin American political elections are amongst her highest accolades. She informs with total precision the most exclusive of news from all over the planet, wherever it may be. ANDREA BERNAL is synonymous with credibility, and journalistic prestige. To this day, she is amongst the top ten most respected and recognized news anchors in Hispanoamerica.