Andrea Gonzalez was born in Mexico City, where she felt attracted to the world of television since she was very young. She graduated with a degree in Communications from Iberoamericana University. While studying, she took a course in elocution and voice dubbing. She discovered her true vocation through acting classes and took a holistic preparation for working in television.

After working in the publishing environment, commercial, productions, trade and as a casting director, she had the opportunity (eight years ago) of hosting her first television program in Mexico. Soon after, many opportunities were presented to her until she was invited to be the official host of the morning news TV Azteca Noreste, in Monterrey, Mexico. She lived in Monterrey for five years, also hosted a segment called “Mujeres de Éxito” (Women of Success) which gave her two awards in journalism. At the same time, she wrote a section for the “Weekly Info7” about cultural life in Nuevo Leon. Also an article on issues of social responsibility in the newspaper “El Horizonte.”

In early 2014, Andrea returned to her homeland, DF, and began to develop as a news correspondent for Univision. In one year, she has covered all sorts of topics; conflicts of the missing students of Ayotzinapa, manifestations, drug trafficking, political and social issues, to colorful stories about Mexican traditions and artistic movements in the country.