Bevione Contigo Show

When Julio Bevione stands in front of a packed auditorium that are seeking to improve their lives, there’s only one thing clear: his speech is consistent and strong. Indeed, this communicator and author of many successful inspirational books, has managed to harmonize spiritual learning with the elements of his daily life. A genuine curiosity about human beings, linked to his devotion to offer hope and solutions to the problems they endure, motivated Bevione to gather a group of professionals in Los Angeles -led by Uno Productions- to produce his television show: Bevione Contigo.

The Show Bevione Contigo will transcend any ritual, religion or particular philosophy, and will successfully inspire viewers with interviews and conversations Bevione will discuss with different guests about topics that may be painful, controversial and even considered “taboo.” Bevione’s knowledge on human behavior will open the way that for famous artists to open their hearts and soul on camera, and speak of what they never dared to confess. It will reach intimacy in ways that will touch millions of people around the world: the secrets of our families; self-sabotage, leading us to become our worst enemies; men escaping because of fear of commitment; or betrayal of someone who was our best friend.

Showing both sides of the coin, Bevione will make his own reflections on these everyday issues. He will give the guest and the viewer a new vision, useful and practical, that will lead to possible changes to their welfare. This way, Bevione Contigo will reveal other ways of interpreting problems in everyday life, providing viable alternatives to overcome them. Bevione Contigo will follow the guidelines that Julio has developed when he interacts with peers: giving comprehensive answers to the deepest questions.