Carlos Hermosillo


Carlos Hermosillo is a Mexican former football player. He is one of the top all-time goalscorers for the Mexico national team. He is also known as “El Grandote de Cerro Azul”.

Since 1 December 2006, Carlos Hermosillo was named the minister of Mex- ico national sporting policy, Comisión Nacional del Deporte (National Com- mission for Sports). President Felipe Calderón included him in cabinet-level matters. Various scandals during the Hermosillo tenure prompted President Calderón requesting his resignation after 2 years in of ce. He became the rst National Sports Minister to be red.

With an 18 year career with eight different clubs, Hermosillo retired. He last played with Guadalajara in 2001. He had a retirement game playing with Cruz Azul, his favorite team before professional play was Cruz Azul, also he won a championship with Cruz Azul in 1997.

Carlos Hermosillo has started a new phase as an analyst and sports com- mentator. First in La Última Palabra for Fox Sports Mexico, during August to December 2013; and later in March 6, 2014 he joined Telemundo.