Carlos Unger


Carlos is a Reading lover, despite his youth, he has a broad life experience and he’s comfortable in his own skin. “Inspiration is everywhere, in what you perceived from others, every day life, and what you think others feel.” In general, his songs talk about love, happiness, beautiful feelings and content. “ My life, my decisions, good or bad made me who I am and that’s what I have to offer”.

Currently Carlos Unger has his goals set in Hollywood. He resides in Los Angeles where he continues his acting studies while he works in his career guided by Uno Productions. They already started a project of three new songs and a tribute record to the Singer Emmanuel. Imprinting his own style to themes like: “Bella”, “Todo se Derrumbó” and “La Chica de Humo”, Carlos Unger will surprise everyone with this tribute. For Carlos the best way to express a feeling is through art. And as a composer, Singer and actor he has all it takes to accomplish his goal: to inspire others.