Charo Toledo



Head writer and producer of the Emmy nominated, groundbreaking teen drama East Los High. Over 15 years of experience in developing, oversee- ing and producing a variety of original television and lm ideas from their inception, through development and into production. I worked as a linguist/ analyst for the DEA for 5 years in Southern California. As a certi ed federal and state wire tapper, I carefully monitored and translated secret conversa- tions in Spanish among members of various Drug Traf cking Organizations. I’ve worked closely with federal law enforcement on cases involving narcot- ics and human traf cking, counterfeiting, terrorism, fraud, money laundering and gang cases to successfully coordinate arrests. As a linguist and analyst

I translated and decoded Mexican drug lingo, generated Drug Traf cking Organization (DTO) charts, identi ed subjects and DTO locations. I’ve also served as critical liaison between DEA agents, Surveillance Teams, TFO (Task Force Of cers), Sheriff’s Departments, AUSA (Assistant United States Attor- neys) and fellow co-workers. This experience has made me a more authentic writer.