El Premio de la Gente

El Premio de la Gente, Latin Music Fan Awards is an exciting music awards show that recognizes the best in Latin music with a dynamic and exhilarating program that showcases the hottest musical superstars. El Premio de la Gente truly is the “award of the people,” as it is the only high profile musical event that allows fans to decide the winners. The power of this exciting show rests squarely in the hands of consumers all across the U.S. providing unparalleled consumer marketing opportunities.

The winners are announced by fans in cities across the US; New York, Los Ángeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, etc. The awards are given out on the Latin Fan Awards in Los Angeles.

Nominations are officially determined every year in the late summer based on sales information provided by an official source that represents accurate sales information for that region. SoundScan is the official source for this information in the United States.

Fans will participate in polling throughout the non-voting period of the year to help determine, along with Soundscan®, the most popular musicians, as well as key Latino sports figures. The results of this polling will help to determine the nominees for each of the EPG categories which will be on the official ballot distributed across the US territory.

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