Gabo Ramos


Gabo Ramos is a dubbing actor (Spanish), a TV host, Celebrity Interviewer, Internet Content Provider, and a Brand Image Representative.

As a dubbing actor, he has worked in movies and TV shows since the age of seven. His most recognized characters include: Ash Ketchum “Pokémon,” Drako Malfoy in “Harry Potter,” Gerald in “Hey Arnold!,” among others. He is currently the main character in “Galaxia Wander” from Disney XD, and the voice of Peter Pan in “Once Upon a Time.”

As a TV Host, since the age of fifteen, Gabo was the official host of the Nickelodeon channel, and then he became a VJ onscreen at MTV for 9 and a half years for the entire region.

As a Celebrity Interviewer, in his program “Los 10 + Pedidos,” Gabo Ramos interviewed artists like Shakira, Robbie Williams, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, My Chemical Romance, Hilary Duff, Diego Torres, Julieta Venegas, Maná, Belanova, Belinda, Jesse and Joy, Kalimba, Pxndx and many more. All were guests on his TV show.

He was also the red carpet host of the MTV Latin America Awards for 4 consecutive years, and the principal host and writer of GÜIK, an MTV show with a “Late Night” format.

As an Internet Content Provider, he has had a close relationship with Coca-Cola.FM for the past 3 years, where he hosted his own Online Radio program called “El @GaboRamos Show.” I addition to generating content as writer, he was also co-producer and host for Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Argentina.

As a Brand Image Representative, Gabo became the official host of “Coca-Cola.FM Studio” in 2015 for Coca-Cola Mexico. There they did a music special of the group CD9 from the Churubusco Studios that was broadcast on Channel 5 (Televisa) and MTV.  Gabo currently is currently under contract as the face of the brand.

This year is his fifth year holding his own Live Streaming WebShow called #ONLINEconGaboRamos transmitted by SHOCK.CO (Caracol Group) and SAYYEAH.TV, where he is also the Director of Content for the entire Web TV Channel. He has been hosting and producing a 2-hour live show every Monday at 8pmMX.

Thanks to SAYYEAH.TV, Gabo has interviewed: Molotov, Kinky, Juanes, Chayanne, Marc Anthony, DLD, Ha * Ash, Abraham Mateo, Julieta Venegas, Babasonicos, No Te Va a Gustar, Caramelos De Cianuro and many more.

Since this is a program for Millennials consumed by cellphones, tablets and smart TVs, he has also been in close contact with the most recognized YouTubers, Twittstars and Viners of Mexico.

At a young age, Gabo Ramos is a very accomplished, and well-rounded multi-talented performer.  Explore the possibilities with this outstanding talent.