Gabriela Teissier


Gabriela Teissier is an anchor for “Noticias 34: Primera Edición,” Univision 34 KMEX-TV, the number one Spanish language televisión station in the nation.
She joined the “Primera Edición” news team in March of 2004 after being the news anchor for Telefutura 46 KFTR-TV, the flagship station of Telefutura.

For the last 8 years in the 2 hour morning show Teissier addresses the audience covering topics from education and health, to immigration and current affairs.
Some of Teissier’s most recent interviewees include Barack Obama, President and Nobel laureate Shimon Peres, Maria Shriver and the President of El Salvador, Antonio Saca. She has received an Emmy for excellence in journalism and five nominations for producing and hosting along with seven Golden Mike awards.

While studying communications and graphic design at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Teissier worked as an actress, model, singer and made over 500 commercials in the early years of her career.

Her first position as a news anchor was in Telerey, Mexico. Almost immediately she landed a contract to come to the USA as an anchor.
Another facet of Teissier’s professional development included her involvement with shows and films dubbed into Spanish. One of these movies was the Disney animated motion picture “Tarzan,” in which she played the role of “Terk.” She anchored the show “Cinemamotion” for USA Networks broadcast on cable throughout Mexico, Central and South America. She also participated in the English-language presentation of Billboard Magazine’s Internet page. She has hosted various news and entertainment shows for Mexico’s TV Azteca and for Telemundo Network in the United States.

Teissier was recently presented with the Impact Award for Excellence in Broardcast Journalism by the NHMC (National Hispanic Media Coalition). She was also awarded “Latina Del Año” in honor of her highly successful media career. She has been honored by the City of Los Angeles with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding citizenship and activities for community betterment. She was also recognized as “Ambassador of Hope” by City of Hope.