Julio Bevione is a communicator, author of 10 books about personal and spiritual growth. Born in Villa Santa Rosa, Córdoba, Argentina, and lives in New York, United States, where he moved in 1997.

Although he claims there was not a particular moment that marked his search, he says he had always had a desire to answer the human behavior, the pursuit of happiness and inner peace.

Bevione guides people to identify and purify their fears and limiting thoughts. His work encourages to establish more loving relationships, to live in freedom, greater awareness and commitment.

In his books, as well as his columns, segments and workshops, people of various religious, social classes and different generations find answers to their profound inner questions, and receive training that enables them to have a new perspective in their lives.

Bevione belongs to a generation willing to transcend any ritual, religion or philosophy, so that every human being discovers his own path and finds himself and his connection to a higher power.