La Gota de La Vida

A reunion of the top Latin artists who together performed a song “La Gota de La Vida” to help to call the attention from the world to generate donors of bone marrow to save life’s.


The La Gota de la Vida music video was a blast to make, and the recording took place, in most cases, at the same time as the song was being recorded. It was shot in four cities, including Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

The video was directed by world famous director Simon Brand and produced by Mauricio Osorio from Aluna films.

The Premiere for the ‘La Gota de La Vida’ music video will take place September 7th, 2010 at the Club Nokia – LA Live, Downtown LA. After which it will rock the television screen and create the color of commercials for the campaign in short clips nationwide, spreading its message.

Please enjoy this fun video clip showing part of the experience of shooting this video.