Laura Fabian


Laura came to the United States when she was four months old. Her parents were well known radio and television stars in Cuba.  At a very early age, Laura displayed her acting talent participating in theater, beauty pageants and hosting television shows.  Throughout the years Laura developed her career in the Spanish and English markets. She starred in one of the most classical television series, THE ALAMO.

Laura went on to star in various Spanish Telenovelas or soap operas which were broadcasted in more than 50 countries, such as: EL MAGNATE, ANGELICA MI VIDA and GUADALUPE, among others. She was considered the queen of the advertising agencies, as she participated in a long series of commercial and spokesperson contracts for Pepsi, Target, Downy, Miss Clairol, Mc Donald’s,  Head and Shoulders, Buick, Skittles and many more.  She landed the lead role of Carmen in the television Hispanic sitcom, SOLO EN AMERICA.

In 2015 Laura is returning to her passion, acting.  She is evaluating offers and projects that are currently being offered.  There is no doubt that Hollywood is welcoming Laura Fabian an experienced and incredibly talented performer with open doors.