Mario Reyes

He’s originally from Arles, in the South of France; from La Camargue, a region of wild horses and bulls. But he feels as Spanish as his grandparents, who emigrated to that area, where he was born, just like many of the Reyes, the huge Gypsy family from which his famous relatives, The Gipsy Kings, emerged.

Thanks to his surprising gift for languages, he is unquestionably, a citizen of the world: he’s mastered French, Spanish, English, Italian, Catalan and even the “Gypsy,” that tongue-dialect-slang that fuses idioms, subjects and verbs of various other languages.

A guitar virtuoso and a traveler, both by calling and for the love of art, the magical talent of Mario Reyes is everywhere – even on television, in the US, during the beginning of each broadcast of the soap opera “El Clon,” with its theme music, which he plays along with Sandra EcheverrĂ­a.

Always faithful to his guitar, going deeper into pure Flamenco, Mario feels a kind of fascination for Arabic music, the realm of his own culture, which pays homage to the mother of the guitar: the Lute.

The best reward of such a personal interest has a name: “The Gipsy Man Sings From the Middle East” (by Mario Reyes,) the record that he made in Los Angeles, California. It has duos with superstars of Arabic music, Carol Samaha and Ilham Al Madfai, as well as the promising new talents Qusai y Malika.

Several of those songs interpreted by Mario Reyes are included in the international soap opera “El Clon.” Besides playing the guitar, he also composed the song “Inocente.” His two current promotional singles are titled “El velo del amor” (“The Veil of Love”) and “QuĂ©date conmigo” (“Stay With Me”.)

The best, then, is to unpack his guitar and play it, making people happy, see them laugh and dance at each show.