Moises Velasquez

Moises Velásquez realized at young age that music was more than a passion for him. He was only eight when he began his classical music training in his native country: Venezuela, and music quickly became his companion, his guidance and creative outlet. At the age of fifteen he began playing bass nationwide with various youth orchestras, while at the same time, he was part of a rock band.

Knowing that music was his true calling, Moses moved to Los Angeles, CA when he was twenty-five, and started working on what became his first album as a singer; which he called “Correr, Cantar, Volar” (“Runing, singing, flying.”)

This album is a selection of songs composed between 2008 and 2014. It was mainly recorded, mixed and mastered in his personal the studio in Los Angeles, CA, between September of 2013 and March of 2014; and it contains 13 songs composed, produced and recorded by him -all based on situations that he lived during this course of time.

In this album Moises combines his Latin roots with his experience in the rock genera, creating a Latino Pop-Rock sound dominated by a Latin percussion and distorted guitars. “I think the album’s name, sound and music, all go well together, representing exactly who I am,” says Moses. “Good vibe, positive thinking and happiness; It’s what I want people to get from me. ”