Pablo Montero


Mexican singer Pablo Montero got involved in music while singing along with his father at a very young age. He later became the lead singer in a band called Trébol and recorded an album, climbing the local charts with “Si Tu Supieras.”

After performing traditional Mexican songs at Mexico City’s bars and clubs, the talented artist had the opportunity to make his first solo album, called ¿Dónde Estas Corazón?, released in 1999.

Pablo Montero’s acting career started with Vivo Por Elena and Nunca Te Olvidaré, soon, playing a main role in the popular Latin soap opera Abrázame Muy Fuerte, acting alonside Victoria Ruffo.

In the year 2000, Pablo Montero returned to the music charts after issuing a pop/ballad oriented album called Que Voy A Hacer Sin Ti. In 2002, Pidemelo Todo came out and launched another hit single, “Hay Otra En Tu Lugar.” The record was quickly followed by a home video, In 2014, he was a special guest acting in Lo imperdonable as Demetrio Silveria, Martin’s half-brother, co-stars with Ana Brenda Contreras and Iván Sánchez.

During 2016 and 2017 he spend the time performing in the USA and Mexico.