Paulina Gomez Caro

Paulina Gomez Caro, daughter of a Mexican mother and Spanish father, was born in Mexico City.

This woman of strong convictions has an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit, and is passionate about sports and all media. Paulina deeply believes that in order to have a happy life you first have to be committed to yourself, and be proactive to achieve all the goals that you propose in life. That’s why she I always says that “the one who perseveres always reaches”.

Paulina studied English, French, Marketing in Communications, and took other courses abroad.

In her career she had worked in various projects including: Eau De Spa, Disney Channel, Forecasts for Public Assistance, Cadena 3, Fox Sports, Fox Sports, New York Film Academy,, Mapi Enterteinment TV, Telefórmula, Univision, and now in ClaroSports.

Her main goal is to continue growing as host and announcer in different environments. She loves doing interviews with people who had contributed with something to the world, so she can encourage people to continue fighting for their own goals and create a better world.

She has given motivational speeches and enjoys participating in charity and humanitarian events.

Since childhood Paulina has played many sports, obtaining different recognition mainly in aerobics, Olympic gymnastics, tennis, swimming, boxing, soccer, kick-boxing and jazz. She has also participated in extreme sports, triathlons, and diving. Paulina Gomez Caro is always looking for healthier living through sports.