Pepe Suarez


With 36 years of work experience, Award-winning actor/comedian, producer and writer Pepe Suarez is one of the most complete actors of the moment, which results in him being called a generic actor by the media.

All of these years in the entertainment industry have taken Pepe on a path that allows him to enter into practically all facets of acting. He begins his professional career at the age of 8 with a leading role in movies, the film which earned him “La Diosa De Plata” (the equivalent of an Oscar in Mexico) for the best child performance of 1976.

In films, theater, televison, night clubs, acting, singing, dancing, playing the villain, the good one, the handsome, in drama, comedy and tragedy and even writing, directing and producing TV and shows, Pepe currently has one of the most solid artistic careers in the Spanish-language entertainment.

He was most recently Executive Producer for Estrella TV since 2006, where he worked on several television programs, including “A Que No Puedes (2007-2009),” and “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento (2009),” among others.