Rafael Sigler


Mexican born actor and comedian arrived in Los Angeles, CA in the early nineties. He came to the U.S. after completing his acting studies in Mexico and carried on to study acting and production in California.

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles he was cast as host of a live morning TV show for KVEA 52 Telemundo. Due to his immense success with the morning program, he was requested to host and guide the launch of a new live game show on KWHY 22 named “Facilísimo“. After a mere 3 months “Facilísimo” rose to the top of the ratings chart to become the most acknowledged and lucrative live game show in the history of Spanish Television in the US. Telemundo promptly proposed that he launched “Dando y Dando,” a second game show hosted and produced by Sigler set to air live from coast to coast.

Subsequently, Sigler has continued to host and participate in a vast number of television and radio programs, among them “Viviana a la Media Noche” and “Viajando con Rafa” for leading networks in the U.S. and Mexico. Recently, Sigler has added commercials and Spanish voiceover work to his extensive resume. He is also the Announcer in several commercials for companies like Ford, IHOP, Compass Bank, etc…

As a dubbing actor, Sigler has taken part of working in a variety of shows and movies, most notably as Suzuki St. Pierre on the popular TV show “Ugly Betty” and on two major motion pictures, “Cars” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua“.