Said Garcia Solis


Said Garcia Solis solidifies his reputation as a professional correspondent with his work on the hardcore news show AL EXTREMO, airing for six years on Azteca America. On the same network, he was a host and producer for the morning program EL COFFEE BREAK for more than a year. Solis also collaborates with Erika Vidrio as the entertainment expert on EL LAVADERO CON LA POTRANCA, broadcast in many American states by LA RAZA radio station.

In Mexico, Solis was the co-host for LA ACADEMIA AL DESNUDO, AL EXTREMO EXTRA and PARA TODOS. He was the head of programming information for VENGA LA ALEGRIA and general coordinator for production and special guests for TV Azteca and Las Lunas del Auditorio. Together with Gaby Spanic, he produced TE AMO TIEMPO MEXICO.

Solis produced, wrote and hosted the television special LA LEYENDA DE UNA DIVA revolving around the life and death of the famous Mexican icon, Jenni Rivera. He was the talent coordinator for the MTVLA awards in 2008 and 2009. Solis was primarily responsible for the special investigation segments on LA OREJA on Television where he also hosted the radio program POR LA OREJA. He was a news correspondent for Televisa in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. He was also the coordinator for communications, image and design for the government of Zapopan, Jalsico.

Solis was the primary announcer for the following stations: Sol Radiante, Radio Formula Jalisco and lastly, DK y W Radio. He has participated as a comedian in multiple sketches for the Azteca network and Sofia Vergara’s channel, Nuevon. He has taken the stage in over 20 professional theater performances, directed by Salvador and Miguel Angel Garcini as well as Alfredo Mendoza. He portrayed roles in various telenovelas including PUEBLO CHICO INFIERNO GRANDE, UNA LUZ EN EL CAMINO and SOÑADORAS.

Said Garcia Solis holds his degree in the communications field, specialized in journalism. He earned his Master’s degree in public image and was granted a doctorate scholarship at the University of Salamanca in Spain.