Tere Marin


In one short year, Tere Marin began working as a reporter and host on Channel 2 in Monterrey despite her young age and lack of experience. She has had the opportunity to interview a great amount of public figures such as Ana Torroja, Miguel Bose and Flans among others.

Tere is a fully bilingual Mexican host in entertainment shows and special programs. She hosted the show ELLAS for more than nine years – reaching a permanence rarely seen in the Mexican television industry. Later on, she was called in to be a part of the cast of ESTRELLAS HOY in Los Angeles for the Liberman Broadcasting network called Estrella TV.

Tere also started hosting the CASOS DE FAMILIA program in its new season on Univision and Telefutura, opening more doors in her career. Additionally, she has ventured into radio on the program, EL SHOW DE DON CHETO, helping listeners to work through personal problems and reach resolution for all parties involved.

Tere originally came to the United States with one goal: to be a professional working woman and help those around her. With more than 15 years in the field, she can say with complete confidence that she has achieved them.