Victor Cordero “Paparrush”


Born in Mexico City from a family of actors and singers, Victor Cordero started to be in front of the camera at a very early age. Being the son of a TV producer, and being related to some actors in the sets of the soaps in Mexico, he began doing little parts while he continued his education.

After adventuring in the technical side of the industry, “El Paparrush” produced a show called “El Chisme Caliente” (Hot Gossip) show about entertainment that aired for over a year in a loval station here in LA (KSFV-TV26) and then got picked up by the network Azteca America for its transmission at a semi-national level for near 2 years.

While this is going, Victor Cordero “El Paparrush” is doing entertainment stories for other parts of the world. Knowing much about the latino celebrity scene, Victor Cordero is invited to be part of the NBC/KVEA-TV52 Telemundo family as entertainment reporter for the morning show.
He was a key part of the entertainment department of Telemundo both Local and National for 11 years.

During this time, Paparrush spent almost two years alongside La Socia de la Que Buena under the command of Pepe Garza. Entertaining show M-F 11am-3pm Paparrush and La Socia enjoyed top ratings on their slot.

Paparrush has spoken to not only Latino celebs, but also stars of the Hollywood market. You name it, Victor has interviewed them, Slama Hayeck, Ricky Martin, Pepe Aguilar, Rebeca Jones, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Shakira, among many, many others.

Now Victor Cordero El Paparrush is having a blast working alongside with his dad on his own radio show on a internet radio station.
In this morning show “El Show del Paparrush y su Papá” father and son tackle just about any topic imaginable. From abortion, gay and lesbian marriage, to sports or who is getting a star in the world famous walk of fame in Hollywood. After all, the radio station is located in the hart of the entertainment capital of the world: Hollywood. Scoring more than 2 MILLION listeners a day, both dad and son agree to disagree during this 3 hour morning show (Monday-Friday 9am-12 noon)