Yami Quintero

This lovely young woman was born in Valencia, a Venezuelan city known for the beauty of its women and the sweetness of its oranges. Despite her young age, Yami’s work has been extensive and fruitful. Her duties on Venezuelan audiovisual media have included roles as a producer, model and animator. She has managed to capture an audience avid for distraction and dissemination by way of her image and charisma. And despite becoming an icon for the youth in the populous central region of Venezuela, Yami decided to cast her fortune and travel to the U.S. in search of new and farther horizons where she might channel her professional and artistic anxieties. In the land of Uncle Sam, Yami started off as a presenter in the entertainment program “Quiereme Descalzi” in Miami’s Channel 41; later she became part of the “Sabado Gigante” team of actors where she interpreted the character of “sexy Nina”. From there she takes her first theatrical steps as the lead in “Dick and Pussi.”

Currently, Yami works as an actress, journalist and model where she has become a favorite presenter for many of the Galavision/Univision special events. Today it is not unusual to see Yami as animator in a variety of programs with an international audience. This exceptional artist has participated in hit shows such as “Rumbo al Latin Grammy 2006”, “Rumbo al Premio Lo Nuestro 2007” and New York’s “Fashion Week 2008”.

Her performances, as Iris in the TV soap opera “Accoralada”, as Renata in “Amor Comprado”, and as Luisa in “Alma Indomable” All of them produced by Venevision, will allow Yami’s talents to be seen on a daily basis and for several months in millions of homes throughout Latin America and the rest of the world. The spot that fame will grant Yami will depend solely and exclusively on the capacity of this multifaceted woman to continue growing professionally and spiritually at the same pace that her fruitful artistic life has traveled so far.